Our 55th Reunion - June 8, 2013
Fountain City Park Lion's Club Building
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Kenneth Long and Johnny Vettori

On the left: Bobby Leatherwood, Faye Johnson Jones, Ella Leatherwood and Carolyn Ann Webb Mynatt. On the right is Clyde Passmore, George Jones and Nancy Fielden Cross standing

The serving line

Linda Andrews Samper, Emily Pearson Jones and Marion Irwin Thompson

Linda Andrews Samper behind Sandy Snow

Linda Seritt Cummins with husband Charles (Butch) Cummins

Lois Cassell Cockrum and Joe Cockrum

Marion Irwin Thompson

Mary Sue Pardun, Aubrey Dalton, Elizabeth Callison Wilson and Ginger Dalton

Mary Fancher Hitchcock with husband Larry Hitchcock - Ken Long in background

Mary Helen Johnson Hiers with Pat Sexton Borden

Pat Borden with husband David Borden

Richard and Judith Mynatt with Dr. Larry Jenkins and wife Karen

Richard Wright with wife Lynda - Richard gets the "shirt" award!

Richard Wright's shirt was a "chick magnet". Caught with Linda Seritt Cummins on his knee

Richard Wallace, Carolyn Hutchison Wallace and Jack Cross

Sandy Snow with Phyllis Huff Baker

Santa and Helper - Lynn Carmichael and Barbara

Sara Keaton Dockery with Jack Cross

Sharon Schneider Britts and Bill Britts

Left David Borden, George Jones and Faye Johnson Jones lead off. On right, Bonnie Clark and Jerry Clark.

Steve Trewhitt (Marty Raley's husband) with Jack Bohanan

Sue Warwick Buckner with Walter Buckner

Susan Wallace came with Marion Irwin

Tom (Tommy) and Judy Hodge

Warren and Maxine Kerley


Janie Skelton Isley and Phyllis Swann Mercer -
 Photo by Joanne Turner Wallace


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